Happy Valentine's Day!

What We Love About Dance
It's the week of Valentine's Day, and we can totally feel the love! The studio is decorated, we have some new bling on our selfie wall, there's lovely new attire in our store, and we love to see your dancers' sweet, smiling faces in the studio!
Valentine's Day is the best time of year to let you know how much we love all of you! Really, we are so happy to have you as part of our dance family.
We also love dance, and know that you do too! Here are a few things we love about dance: (They might be the same for some of you too!)
1. It requires a mind-body connection. Dance is one of those activities that requires complete presence to be effective. It is a wonderful way to be in the moment and enjoy the moment! It takes a dancer's body and mind working together to touch the hearts of the audience. 
2. It is an escape, a release and a healer! Dancers know that sometimes all you need is some music and a floor to get rid of the stress of the week. And when you are moving your body, you can escape anything that is weighing you down. 
3. It's fun to express different pieces of your personality! When you dance, you can become anyone or anything! We love to see shy dancers come out of their shells on the dance floor, and personalities shine through on the stage.
4. It's a challenge ... some days it's physical, other days it's emotional, mental or creative. Either way, you can learn something about yourself every time you step on the floor--as well as what you can overcome and be better at.  
5. It provides opportunity, life lessons and friendships. All of the most important things in life! Whether or not you dance professionally or make a career out of dance, when dance touches your heart and your life you will forever be changed.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!