Required Classes for Competition Teams 2018-2019

Hello Competition Teams, 

Please find below your required team classes.  The Ballet and Jazz classes are open to our Non-Competitive dancers as well and will fill up quickly.  Please don’t wait to register.  Registration is first come first serve and will open Friday, June 15th. We also recommend adding some of the following classes to help your dancer become a well-rounded dancer; Acro, Turns, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Tap.  

  • The non-performing Hip Hop and Contemporary classes are beneficial for your dancer due to the environment that they experience at conventions.  It allows them to train in the ability to pick up on choreography quickly and have exposure to different styles of choreography.  
  • Coordination and musicality are two of the main areas that we find are lacking in dancers.  Tap is a great way to hone these skills that will help them in all areas of their dancing.  

All dancers, please enroll in your assigned levels. Teachers will evaluate dancers during the first couple weeks of class and make adjustments to their placements as they see fit.  Please know that we work very hard at making the schedule convenient for everyone with minimal breaks.

If you have questions, please feel free to email us. 



Thursday 5:00 Motion Ballet/Jazz

Thursday 6:00 Motion Team Class



Tuesday 4:30 Ballet 1

Tuesday 5:30 Fusion Team Class

Tuesday 6:30 Fusion Pro

Thursday 6:00 Jazz 1

Thursday 6:45 Petite Eminence



Monday 4:30 Jazz 2

Monday 5:30 Ballet 2 

Monday 6:30 Synergy Team Class

Thursday 4:30 Synergy Pro Class

Thursday 5:00 Mini Eminence



Monday 4:30 Ballet 3 (Velocity Pro required both)

Tuesday 4:30 Velocity Team Class

Thursday 4:30 Ballet 3 (Velocity Pro required both)

Thursday 5:30 Jr. Eminence

Thursday 7:00 Jazz 3

Thursday 8:00 Velocity Pro



Wednesday 4:30 Impact Team Class

Wednesday 5:30 Impact Ballet, Level 1

Thursday 7:45 Impact Jazz 1/2


Impact Jr.

Wednesday 4:30 Impact Team Class

Wednesday 5:30 Impact Ballet, Level 2

Thursday 7:45 Impact Jazz 1/2 



Monday 5:30 Ballet 5

Monday 7:30 Vibe Team Class

Tuesday 4:30 Vibe Team Class

Tuesday 5:30 Ballet 4

Thursday 5:00 Jazz 5

Thursday 6:30 Eminence



Tuesday 4:30 Edge Team Class

Tuesday 5:30 Ballet 4

Tuesday 7:00 Jazz 4

Tuesday 8:00 Teen Eminence

Thursday 5:30 Ballet 4

Thursday 7:30 Edge Pro Class


Teen Impact

Thursday 4:00 Teen Impact Team Class

Thursday 5:45 Teen Impact Ballet

Thursday 6:45 Teen Impact Jazz



Monday 4:00 Elite Pro Class

Monday 4:30 Elite Team Class

Monday 5:30 Ballet 5

Wednesday 4:00 Ballet 5

Wednesday 5:30 Senior Eminence

Thursday 4:00 Ballet 5 Technique only (Elite Pro required)

Thursday 6:30 Eminence (as applies)



Monday 4:00 Ballet 6

Monday 5:30 Jazz 6

Monday 6:30 Force Team Class

Wednesday 4:00 Ballet 6

Wednesday 5:30 Senior Eminence

Thursday 3:30 Force Pro

Thursday 4:30 Ballet 6 technique only (Force Pro required)


Petite Eminence

Thursday 6:45 Petite Eminence 


Mini Eminence 

Thursday 5:00 Mini Eminence


Junior Eminence

Thursday 5:30 Jr. Eminence



Thursday 6:30 Eminence 


Teen Eminence

Tuesday 8:00 Teen Eminence


Senior Eminence

Wednesday 5:30 Senior Eminence