Winter Recital Ticket Info


Welcome to DUVille…Dance Unlimited’s Christmas Recital 2016.  Here is a Parent’s guide of FAQ for purchasing recital tickets.  We are very excited for our upcoming show and can’t wait for the big day!

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 208-322-8082 or stop by the front desk.


Where do I buy recital tickets?

Dance recital tickets can be purchased online via our recital ticketing website.  You can follow the ticketing link on our website @, our Facebook page, or by going directly to


When can I purchase tickets?

Tickets go on sale Saturday December 10th, 2016 @ 9:00am Mountain Standard Time.  Tickets sell very fast so it is recommended to be on the ticketing website first thing in order to get seats for all the friends and family that are planning to attend.


How much are tickets?

We are so excited to finally offer tiered seating prices!  Tiered pricing has been requested by many of our families and we’re now able to fulfill that request.  Tickets are priced at $12, $10 & $8. 


Is the seating reserved or general admission?

We have reserved seating for all of our shows.


Are there different prices for adult or youth?

No, tickets are the same whether you are buying for an adult or youth (4+).  Take advantage of our tiered pricing to get up close to watch your dancer shine! 


Is there a discount for buying tickets to multiple shows?

YES!  When you are buying tickets for multiple shows, the online site will automatically discount your 2nd or 3rd show tickets by $2.00.  REMEMBER to buy all your show tickets at once or the discount will not be applied.  Get a count of how many tickets for family & friends attending and buy them all together. 


Do I have to buy the tickets for all of my family and friends or can they purchase them from the website?

Anyone can buy tickets for  If you would like to all sit together it is recommended that one person purchase them so you can try and reserve seats as a group. 


Do I need to bring my ticket to the show?

YES!  Please print out your ticket and bring it with you.  It will help our ushers ensure that you are at the correct show time and to help you find your assigned seat.  If you have tickets to multiple shows, please ensure your bring the correct ticket to the correct show time


Do you offer lap seating?

Absolutely!  Children 3 years old and under are welcome to sit on an adults’ lap. Any child 4 years old and up will need to have a ticket. 


Does my dancer need a recital ticket?

Dancers in the show do not need a ticket.  They will remain backstage during for the duration of the show.  Parents will drop off their dancer backstage prior to the show and then can pick up after the show is finished.  If a dancer comes back to another show as an audience member, then they will need a ticket for that particular show time.


Can I buy tickets at the door?

Due to the popularity of our recitals, tickets are very limited at the door. Seating and ticket availability cannot be guaranteed the day of recital.  Purchasing tickets via the online ticketing website will ensure that you have great seat to watch your dancer!